The BEST way to clean your sterling silver

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This method for cleaning your tarnished silver jewellery is faster, more effective, and less messy than using a polishing cloth or cleaning solution:

Step 1. Line a small tupperware or old yoghurt container with aluminium foil.

Step 2. Add your tarnished silver jewellery plus 1-2 spoonfuls of baking soda.

Step 3. Pour enough boiling water over your pieces to cover your jewellery.

Step 4. Watch in amazement as your silver jewellery is transformed! You can “stir” the jewellery around a bit with a plastic or wooden utensil (i.e. a chopstick) to ensure it's thoroughly cleaned and add more baking soda as necessary. 

Step 5. Rinse your jewellery with water, and then dry carefully with a soft cloth or towel.

A few notes on the above…

  • I have tried this method on gold-plated sterling silver (gold vermeil), and it also works like a charm!
  • Yes, you might smell “rotten eggs” as the sulphide tarnish is removed from your jewellery.
  • Please exercise caution when using this method to clean gemstone jewellery, especially pieces containing porous stones like opals, turquoise and pearls. Since extreme heat can damage gemstones, if you do wish to clean your gemstone jewellery using this method, warm water should also do the trick – it will just take a bit longer to work.
  • Don’t use this method on any jewellery that has been intentionally oxidized as it will remove the lovely, antiqued detailing!

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