Our Story

This jewellery was created for you.

You’re a woman who knows what she wants and gets it. While you’d never decline a thoughtful gift, you enjoy buying jewellery for yourself, thank you very much.

You love exploring and experiencing the world, whether that means trying the new café in your neighbourhood or visiting an exotic back-alley bazaar in Morocco.

You want to wear jewellery that is a reflection of your unique style and appreciation for quality. Pieces you can adorn yourself with daily, and that will meld seamlessly with your look on all occasions.

You know that it takes time to curate a collection of special jewellery that tells your story, and that when the right piece appears, it will call your name.

Because it’s more than just jewellery.

We’ve all heard this before: material objects are just things, and they lose their shine over time. But have you ever owned something that you simply adored?

I have this black leather jacket, and everytime I wear it I feel chic, stylish and a little bit bad-ass. I’ve owned this jacket for several years, and my heart leaps for joy each fall, when the temperatures drop and I can pull it out of the closet. I know, it’s ‘just’ a leather jacket - but damn, I love that thing.

Our designs are created to elicit a thrill from you, each and every time you wear them. It’s a 'love at first sight that never fades' kinda feeling.




This jewellery was created for you

Sleek. Minimal. Feminine. Simple yet statement-making jewellery.

Keltie Leanne Designs melds geometric shapes and exquisite gemstones to create jewellery that expresses a modern femininity.

Never stuffy, busy or boring, our designs strike a fine balance between sleek minimalism and a delicate boldness.

Our simple yet statement-making pieces are meticulously crafted with only the best quality materials, to create versatile designs that can be layered, mixed and matched, or worn beautifully solo.

Allow me to introduce myself...

I’m a person who longs for change, new experiences and adventure. Why live life doing more of the same, when fresh opportunities are there to discover?

While you’ll most certainly never find me jumping from a plane, I’m constantly inspired by the people and world around me. I was sparked by an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. Not one to settle for the typical lemonade stand (popcorn was my thing), my childhood exploits involved dreaming up events (who doesn't love a magic show?) that I would host for the other kids on my street.

I made my entry into the jewellery industry working for two of Vancouver’s top jewellery retailers. Up to this point, my love of jewellery had been mostly relegated to the beaded friendship bracelets of my childhood, but this deep-dive into the industry honed a newfound knowledge and appreciation for the world of gemstones and independent design.

Over the next several years, while my professional life had me building my resume in the world of sales and marketing, personal pursuits found me living for a year in Sydney, Australia, taking multi-day hikes in the beautiful British Columbia mountains, exploring countries like Indonesia, Iceland and Croatia, and learning to speak German.

After my personal jewellery collection was stolen in a break-in in 2011, chance and opportunity aligned to set me off on one of my biggest adventures to date.

Rather than be knocked down by an incident that would otherwise serve to only upset and disappoint me, perhaps I could take this as the universe’s signal that something bigger was in store…

What if, I wondered, I could meld my desire to be an entrepreneur with my passions for fashion, gemstones, style, and design and create a jewellery company of my own?

I quickly began dreaming up and creating jewellery that could communicate a modern femininity, and that would inspire and excite the woman who wears it. Clean lines, geometric and eye-catching details - in materials that would showcase the timeless appeal and versatility of the designs.

 Allow me to introduce myself...

The adventure continues

Vancouver will always be home for me and my business. But alas, I can never say no to an exciting opportunity and besides, I needed to put all those German classes to use. In April of this year, I took another leap of faith and moved with my partner, Chris, and our Mexi-mutt, Shira, to Munich, Germany.

Surrounded by European style, culture, and design, I’m uncovering new inspirations for future collections that I can’t wait to share with you.

Keltie Leanne Designs remains based in Vancouver, and if you’re located on the west coast you’ll still see my designs pop up at local boutiques.

I hope that you’ll be part of our journey by following us on Instagram and joining the Gem Guild (details below).  

~ Keltie

 The adventure continues